Flowers & Flower Meaning


All About the Aster

If you want beauty, you need to check out the Aster flower, this is one that really stands out to a lot of people. The Aster flower gets its name from the Greek origins, the actual Greek word was Astron. Astron actually relates to a star, and that tells you a lot about the flower and what it looks like. You will also find that there is a floral meaning to understand too, you want to make sure that you are giving this flower to people that are delicate and feminine since that is what it really stands for. This flower is also a big symbol that stands for love and can be used on special occasions also.


Description of Aster Varieties

The Aster flower has 10 species that are easily recognizable. You will know when you see the Astor flower that it is in fact that. However, each species does look different, but they have similar characteristics. Most of the flowers are between six and twelve inches tall, the blooms are going to be a lot of different colors. Some of the most common colors that you will see are going to be pink, purple, violet, white, and sometimes they are even black. With all the great colors of it, you can see why there is no doubt that this flower is related to love.

Uses for the Aster Flower

With this flower, it is a symbol of love, so it is in a lot of bouquets that you will buy for your love and those special occasions. These flowers are good for bouquets because they are easy to cut and they will last for a long period of time. You want to make sure that you are cutting them earlier in the day, the earlier the better, you will find that when they aren’t open, they will actually last for longer. This way, people feel like they are getting their money worth and are getting a bouquet that will really stand out. If you want beauty and long lasting flowers, this is what you want to check out and a great choice for you in terms of a bouquet.

Growing the Aster Flower

The good news is, the Aster flower is pretty easy to grow, which will make it a great choice for you if you don’t have an amazing green thumb. You can grow these flowers in a lot of different conditions, however, they will grow slower in certain areas and they will need some help with fertilizer and that sort of thing. You want to always make sure that they are in an area with irrigation so that they aren’t getting overwatered, but so that they are getting all of the water that they need.

Getting beautiful flowers isn’t hard when you are looking at the 10 different species of the Aster flower that are out there. You want to make sure that you get these flowers and check them out so that you can make some great bouquets for the ones you love.